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What strings lib for mocking up this piece?


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I would start with the library that works best with your workflow. At the end it's mostly a mixing thing. If something doesn't sound as expected it's rather easy to change the library when midi data are already there and there are only CC's or articulations to replace. But in this example a good playable legato patch will do the entire job.
Beautiful music by the way!


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Another honorable mention that works very nicely for legato type work is Musical Sampling - Soaring Strings. It's also very user friendly out of the box.


Thanks all for all the responses! It really makes me think. There are so many approaches to using sample libs. The diversity of answers shows that.

For now, I'll try two versions. One with SSS only (layering several articulations as suggested) and one with CSS+CSSS. If none is satisfactory, I'll explore EWHS and Soaring Strings (although, the more intimate part would seem tough with this one).
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