What sort of manuscript paper do you use? Recommendations?


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I'm looking to get a nicely bound book of manuscript paper for sketching my compositions. I've been using just printed out manuscript paper from one of those template sites but I want to get something more long-lasting and nice to use. I really prefer the landscape layout, like this:

But I wish it came in a slightly smaller size, closer to standard letter size. Anyone know of anything similar? I suppose I might as well ask, for those using this brand: how durable is it? The size concern is more a worry due to the fact that'll be hauling it around in a backpack every day and general wear and tear might be more severe on a larger book.


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There's also this, much smaller, still plenty of staves for my uses, but less information about this product line available.


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I just love good, heavy-duty yellow paper... It's like a starter pistol for me. :)
I like it too, and I'll use it again next time I write for live ensemble (which would be fun - it's been a very long time). But it's not worth spreading it out on my desk just for scribbling to work things out.


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Yep. Totally agree...

I use Finale and MIDI when scribbling, just for the rare instance when something I play is actually useful.
I use this:

It's the best manuscript I've found for the price. Yellow and with sturdy paper so its easy to erase on. I'd recommend if especially for sketching 2-6 instrument stuff.


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I'm with @d.healey on this. Go custom, not only can you stipulate the size, but can choose nice quality of paper and do a big print run that'll probably work out cheaper over time.
I simply made a template in Sibelius, exported a pdf and took it to a printer. Fwiw, my ms has 38 staves and is bloody enormous (60X42cm) but I write direct to score and don't have to lug it around. If you do go custom, I recommend a heavier weight of paper especially if you use a rubber the way I do (not a euphemism:rofl:).
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