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What software to use for video, preview, walkthrough ?


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Looked at resolve when it first came out as a freebie. Was buggy and resource intense. Way more than i need. Bought Cyberlink Powerdirector and that is excellent. Not sure if it has a Mac version. I prefer Power Director to Premiere Pro, which I had used for years but got rid of when the Adobe subscription kicked in and my old Adobe products would no longer run. Only one I miss is Audition. Power Director has everything for normal video plus some things like tracking objects works better than in Premiere

i still use my old CS2 apps from time to time.

i'm PC, but my recommendations apply to Mac as well.

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Also +1 for OBS and using Voicemeter here for the audio routing, works like a charm.
Same here! Except I had some issues recently where OBS would not pick up what I was routing through Voicemeter. For some reason I am not having that issue with Streamlabs OBS, which I guess is a mod of the original OBS.


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Resolve is great - I like the fairlight, and that you can load in VST effects to it (recommendation, Brusfri is gold).

But Resolve is not screencasting but video cutting and editing, so no recording (unless they changed it in a recent update?). That's why I went for cheap Camtasia instead of OBS+Resolve. All in one package, with the downside of more limited Audio editing capabilities.
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