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What Qualifications Do You Need To Become A Media Composer...


Regarding future "Labs Events" and the like, I realise it will be very awkward regarding staff etc. but if at all possible could any of these be at weekends rather than on midweek evenings, which effectively makes it impractical to attend for anyone who works full time and is based outside of the London area? Or just come and set up a satellite office in Nottingham! ;)


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To understand the difficulties that face film makers in making moving pictures helps to "right size" us as media composers so it was a pleasure to have a peak into the craft of being a sound recordist here:



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I was looking through my old EXS samples 'tother day and realised I've made a sample library for pretty much every job I've done over the last 20 years, here's a quick tour with an insight into how many of the Spitfire libraries evolved:

oh.... and have you heard of "Chopping" on a cello?



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Fantastic as always, and very inspiring for an aspiring samplist! I'm actually working on a chopping viola lib, been doing it (and other rhythmic techniques) for years! If you want to see what can be done on a violin check out Casey Driessen, who have taken chopping further than anyone else. And Rushad Eggleston is king of the cello chop!
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Go big or go home!
Fantastic Paul.
And what a pleasure to be a fly on the wall as you share your thoughts and these wonderful time lapse videos of the actual construction.
Being a huge fan of tape, I'm glad to see that a Studer will find a home there too.

Mike Greene

Wow, that studio looks like it's going to really nice, and I really like your idea of making it a single "everybody in the same room" concept. I'm half-tempted to knock out some walls and do something similar here.

One funny thing as I was watching the video - I'll bet anyone from L.A. watched that and thought, "They're sure not in Los Angeles where we have to worry about earthquakes!" Out here, we have to put tons of steel in the footings, tie the footings to the walls with more steel, then have loads of steel rebar up the walls, and then have all the ceiling joists bolted to the steel in the walls. Oh, to live in a place where earthquakes aren't an issue. :grin:


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Thanks ironbut! The time lapse took some commitment to keep going!

Cheers Mike - I love the sound having space to breathe - one of my many past studios had a small vocal booth and you could never really get a great sound in there.. and yes - the most I have to worry about is being hit by a low flying pheasant...


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This is very much warts n' all:

You asked what we do to take care of ourselves. I knew I needed to get out of that chair every so often and MOVE, but that’s a problem, exercise is not gonna happen, right? Then the answer came, for the price of a good string library...actually can’t wait to get up and move everyday, and I’m definitely feeling better. Problem solved. In orange of course.

Geoff Grace

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@christianhenson, I realize this video reflects a particularly bad week, and I've seen enough of your videos to realize that your life is often more manageable; but man, you look like a guy who could really use a vacation, or at the very least a few days of solid rest!

Thanks, as always, for your experienced advice. I will certainly consider how I may implement it.

If I may, I'd like to offer some advice in return. You are far from being an "abject failure." If part of you feels that way, I recommend doing more than just siloing the social media. Spend some time considering why this feeling is there. I find meditation helps, but only you can discover what works best for you. I'm a firm believer that each of us has intrinsic value. Certainly, that includes you.

As you wisely recommended, don't be afraid to ask for help if you need it. You are cared for.




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Christian, from everything I know, you seem to be an absolutely delightful and genuine person, to say nothing of your musical and business achievements. The latter is almost solely responsible for me being able to bring my own music to life in a satisfying, rich way.

I'm definitely in the "you're not an abject failure" camp.


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We still have it, LCO 1 was recorded there and most of our tutorials and video features (Ones To Watch). We've converted my room into a live room and it works better than it ever did as a writing room.

My my its interesting to see my first attempts at vlogging, I hope I've come along a little bit from then? Mind you judging by my efforts on my last vlog maybe not so much.
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