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What Qualifications Do You Need To Become A Media Composer...


Gato Mighty!
Great to have you both on board again. Really appreciate and enjoy your respective youtube vids. Next time a skirmish breaks out, ask yourself: WWCD... What Would Caravaggio Do?


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Love both of your video channels - thank you for giving back in so much of your time and thoughtfulness!


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Hey Christian, I'm not sure if this is the right place to ask this question (or if it would be considered to break your 'vial of snake oil' rule for this thread?), but perhaps you can redirect me elsewhere if it does...

Anyway, I have a suggestion for a future vlog topic that, whilst it could be answered/demoed using SF products, equally conceivably with any other library, since the library itself isn't the immediate focus (similar to your 'writing for strings' video, for example), which is why I thought the question might satisfy the new 'no snake oil vials' requirement.

So, I've just been playing about with the presets in eDNA Earth, which I really like, but a moment ago it really opened up huge possibilities once I slapped Logic's standard Step FX on it. I was browsing through the Earth presets, looking for something with a glitchy rhythm, and then realized I could just use the external sequencer in Logic. I appreciate others may be thinking, 'yes, of course you can', but for me (and perhaps others?), it immediately transformed the library into new realms of possibilities. Also, I appreciate there is a gate sequencer within Earth itself, but this doesn't have the same impact at all as the step sequencer (unless I'm using it wrong?) - certainly the step sequencer achieved immediately the effect I was after. So, my vlog topic suggestion for you was: what other plugins do you use in your compositions, that can transform and give new life to the sounds we may already have in our libraries, and how do you use them to best effect? Would others find this useful for Christian to cover?

Thanks for considering... off to tickle eDNA again! She loves it!
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Sure it's more than good to have you back : a nice chap with loadsa of humor, a workholic who more than knows its craft, and a professional who is keen on sharing a good chunk of the said knowledge and who is haring it in an articulate yet never snobish way.
(Remember you always have the "ignore" button if you so wish. The community is not bounded by the naysayers ! )
Erik from the other side of the Channel


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Thanks again for all your kind words...

So I'm going on a weird journey which is kind of the opposite of what this forum is about, but I'm investigating making music out of the box, something I haven't done since 1992. In this film I practise a work in progress modular patch with my new non-computer based recording system, and, to be candid I found the experience utterly terrifying...Like, wanted to throw the whole thing in the bin "why put yourself through this stress"?

Next week I hope to finish the patch and to try and mix it properly... but out of the box.

Do any of you ever record anything without a DAW? Tape? Dictaphone? Weird Tascam Thingy? Radar?

Why do you do it?



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Do any of you ever record anything without a DAW? Tape? Dictaphone? Weird Tascam Thingy? Radar?
Not quite the same thing but I started this whole VST craziness as a way of helping me with my bass playing (that's my primary instrument) but I record that into my DAW. I also had the idea of buying a hardware synth (Behringer Neutron for the silly low price and good sound) but my experience with VSTs has left me as a post-recording tweaker. It's so easy to go back and tweak midi or re-record a part that being unable to do so feels a little unsettling.

I do have a Tascam Portastudio in the repair shop at the moment. Maybe I should go ahead and record a few tracks on tape to get over my fear.

It's all weird as some of my favourite music comes from recordings that are quite rough and ready and haven't been cleaned up and have that luscious raw quality about them. I think I do just need to hit record on a tape, think f--- it and play.


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Maybe it's just me being an old f*ck but I got so much more music completed before I used A DAW.
The complexity usually has me tweaking ,experimenting & trashing way more than ever actually finishing anything.
The immediacy and simplicity of actually having to capture a moment forced me to produce warts and all.
I hope one day I get comfortable enough with my Daw(DP) midi and the complexity of the DAW environment to finish things more to my satisfaction.

Geoff Grace

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Do any of you ever record anything without a DAW? Tape? Dictaphone? Weird Tascam Thingy? Radar?

Why do you do it?.
As a baby boomer, I grew up using some of that gear. I took a modular synthesis class in college; but back then it was simply called a synthesis class, as modular was the main form of synthesis at the time. It was difficult, in part because—as a piano player—I had no prior experience with music technology, other than using a mic, amplifier, and tape deck. I'd go through the effort of wiring things up on the ARP and sometimes get no sound at all. Then, I'd have to trace my signal path until I found my error. Ultimately however, it was a rewarding experience, because it was the first time I ever crafted my own timbres.

When I bought my first synth a few years later to use in a club band, I had a much better idea of how to sculpt a tone—which was a good thing as I had to do it quickly in between songs, because there was no was to save patches back then.

My hat's off to Christian and others who learn modular synthesis now, when there are far easier ways to craft sounds. I wouldn't put myself through it again, but I'm glad I learned how to do it way back when.

These days, I greatly appreciate modern conveniences—like having tens (or perhaps hundreds?) of thousands of patches at my disposal and total recall in my DAW sessions. I still look forward with excitement to new advancements in music technology, and I'm happy to work in-the-box as much as possible. The lone exception I can think of is that I still enjoy playing a real piano.


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Alex Fraser

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Enjoyed my second listen of that track, Christian. I appreciate the "out the box" craft that went into the track too. The complexity boggles my mind.

Also, if you decide to deep sample that piano of yours and release it as Spitfire product, I'll happily throw my sweaty debit card in your direction.
Best - A


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Great to see Paul and Christian back!!!
I've been a fan of the Modular M*****-whatever all along but I haven't really been tempted to "draw my CC in anger" until watching Sandy's Qu-Bit Scanned demo.
Cools stuff!
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