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What mics to use with Altiverb


I have a few mixing questions

1. Mics: how do you deal the different mics? do you use close+tree+room for play/write and close for mixing? if I use close+tree+room in Altiverb and the mix is set to 100% it sounds way too wet but I read it is wrong to touch the mix amount (i.e. reduce to 30%) so the only option is to use close mic with Altiverb?

2. Routing: how do you route the reverb? e.g. I have one kontakt instance for Albion, another for Cinestrings
I loaded the V1 V2 VA VC CB from each library. Do you route all Albion instruments to one reverb channel, and all CS instruments to another reverb channel? Or do you route both to the same reverb? Or do you route each instrument of each library to a different reverb? (2 libraries x 5 instruments = 10 different FX channels?)


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Do you use Altiverb as an Insert or a Send?
"I read it is wrong to touch the mix amount" Well, if you use it as a send, there is nothing wrong in reducing the send level until it sounds good to you. I encourage you to watch the Jake Jackson video tutorial about mixing, as he is using Altiverb too:
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