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What is your monitor set up?

What is your monitor set up?

  • A single monitor 32" or smaller monitor

    Votes: 23 24.5%
  • A single 43" or bigger monitor

    Votes: 11 11.7%
  • Dual Monitors

    Votes: 20 21.3%
  • Triple Monitors

    Votes: 18 19.1%
  • An Ultrawide monitor

    Votes: 8 8.5%
  • An Ultrawide monitor + Additional Monitor(s)

    Votes: 9 9.6%
  • A 38" or 49" Ultrawide Monitor

    Votes: 2 2.1%
  • An Ultrawide monitor + Additional Monitor(s)

    Votes: 3 3.2%

  • Total voters

Alex Fraser

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Currently using a MbP 13 inch screen (!)
The plan is to get a 27/32 single screen, mounted looow on the desktop. I can't stand looking upwards - the ergonomics of many commercial "composer desks" are really questionable in that regard..

While we're at it...is 32 inches the "sweet spot" for a 4k resolution? All thoughts welcome.


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I'm running dual 27" monitors side by side on my desk and a few feet away I've got a 60" 4k screen on the side.


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I run dual 27” monitors when programming, and a single AOC 12” USB 3 powered monitor for live performance.

I run a hands free live rig where the only need for a monitor is to boot up and shut down via QWERTY/Mouse.

But dual screens allows me to run a clutter free programming environment where the mixer automations have a separate view from the VSTi GUIs.

All done on an AMD APU and also an Intel i7 w/ built in GFX.


I'm looking into the Sound Anchor's LCD2 video stand that can accommodate up to 38 inch screens . I use a 2014 MBP 15 inch at the moment . Does anyone uses the Sound Anchor stands ? Any suggestions for a monitor that runs HDMI that would complement a MBP setup that would be around that size ?

Thanks !


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I just saw a video of a 32:9 super ultra wide where it has several inputs for different sources and you can set up the scren to be split into 3 and each one a different source.
Anyone doing this?

colony nofi

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Now THAT I LIKE! But I don't think the video card in my 2013 Mac Pro cylinder will drive the thing. I have the top video option but it is eight years old after all. So I will wait until my next computer to make the switch.

I actually don't like curved screens because I mount mine fairly low and slanted back a bit, and curved screens really want to be perfectly vertical or else things look a bit weird to me. But it's nice to see bigger and bigger pixel counts making their way to market.
As it happens, I'm using the 40" Dell 5k2k monitor for my little work from home setup during covid lockdown.
I have it setup to run 4k2k (left of the monitor) from my mac pro trash can (who's graphics card is dying eeeek!) and the right 1k2k space for a m1 mini which I'm using for controlling remote mixing / streaming. When that's not running, I run it as a "second monitor" for the trash can, and just put meters / anything I find I want permanently on the screen. The very old 27" up top is for pictures running out of a blackmagic box.

The 1920x1080 vertical monitor on the right is also being used for the remote work - it has the UI for client chat etc.

The room has no acoustic treatment which I'm finding really hard. Little kh80 neuman monitors are excellent (and their DSP suprisingly good when paired with the 750 sub) but 80+% of the time im on headphones. Its all in my bubs room... (!!!) - fun being right next to the change table hey.

Anyway - the 5k2k monitor is the best monitor I've ever used for composition productivity. We have the 49" 5kx1.44k at work in a mix room, and its fine. Great for that room (can be low and fits center speaker nicely above it and below the large TV!) But for composition, its too wide I think.

I use a 43" 4k in my main writing studio. Its cool, but the 5k2k is better for me ergonomically - even *with* the 4k2k limitation of the mac pro trash can graphics cards.

colony nofi

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I just saw a video of a 32:9 super ultra wide where it has several inputs for different sources and you can set up the scren to be split into 3 and each one a different source.
Anyone doing this?
Excuse the mess and temporary table - building is being done - but this is the 49" 32:9. It acts as a two screens to the trash can's controlling it. I'll have to look into it being 3 sceens. I think the engineer would LOVE that over the current 2.



I used to work in a triple monitor environment, (Arrangement, mixer, utilities/plugins).
Then I moved into a 3sqm bedroom and I switched to a single 24 monitor.
being an apple/logic user I'm planning to upgrade soon to the silicon computers but most of them have only 1 external monitor option so I believe I will stick to this solution maybe upgrading to a bigger size one.
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