What instrument is this?


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Pretty sure it's a cimbalom or a hammered dulcimer.

EDIT: More likely a dulcimer based on the sharp sound.
Would've been my guess as well... it sounds very thin though, so... maybe plucked with a plectrum?
Also, nice reference to Dies Irae.


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There's also an Asian variation on the cimbalom or hammered dulcimer called a "khim", which has a thinner sound than either of those. Might be that. Sonic Couture has one:

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Robo Rivard

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It's a hammered dulcimer or a cimbalom. Go have a listen to the demos for these products:

- Cinesamples Dulcimer & Zithers
- Spitfire Cimbalom
- Fracture Sounds Dulciano (it's a piano played like a hammered dulcimer)