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What FX plugins can be used to transform an acoustic sample into a pad or something else interesting


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If I have recorded piano samples or guitar samples, what FX plugins could I use to transform them into something else unique and different?

E.g. I have Blackhole reverb, I guess that could be used to transform a piano sample into a pad.

What else do you use to get creative and make something unique ?


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There are probably many approaches to this. The first tools that came to my mind are:

  • Tantra by Dmitry Sches
  • Wormhole by Zynaptiq
  • SpecOps and Fault by Unfiltered Audio (sold through Plugin Alliance)

Another approach is a hybrid sampler/synth like UVI Falcon.


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Convolution reverbs. Drive your source through "whatever non-impulse audio clip you use as an impulse" and enjoy the weirdness!


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There are a lot which can do this but my favorite by far are from 2CAudio. Especially B2 and Kaleidoscope.
Oh and i really love SoundMorph Dust. A binaural granular wet dream for sound design.
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You can also try out of the box: sending to amps or pedals, send it through speakers in a staircase and re-record it through mics or just the phone. Cassette tape is also nice.


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You could do it with Omnisphere also. But mostly I use Blackhole.

I'm also thinking if you run a piano through something like Guitar Rig you would get some interesting sounds.


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I've just been learning a little about granular synthesis. These plugs can take a sample, chop it up, play in weird orders, apply modulation etc., seems to be often used to create evolving pads.

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Form in NI Reaktor
Omnisphere 2 has a granular section in it.

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