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What 'Electronic Music' are you listening to these days ?


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I've just listened to Vangelis' latest album, "Juno to Jupiter". This is only my first listen but I'm very pleased with the album. It is a great sequel to "Rosetta" from 2016., both when speaking about music and sound, though "Juno to Jupiter" is a bit more focused on atmosphere than on characteristic Vangelis singable themes and hymns.

As a huge Vangelis fan (he was always one of my strongest influences as a composer), I'm happy to say that all three latest albums: "Rosetta", "Nocturne", and now "Juno to Jupiter" didn't disappoint me and are a fine continuation to his works from the late '80s and beyond. You can often hear echoes of "Direct" from 1988. on both "Rosetta" and "Juno to Jupiter". :)


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Steve Roach, Eno/Lanois/Fripp etc., Michael Stearns, JMJ, Vangelis, Mike Oldfield, Sakamoto... even though they're not always purely electronic.

Also I really enjoy this album which is not strictly electronic (lots of processed guitars) either but whatever.

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