What does "BUMP" mean, please?


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People say bump when they want to move their thread back to the top of the most recent threads.

For example, after a few days your sales thread might be on the second page, so you would bump it to move it back to the top of the first page.


It's a way for someone to move a post to the top of the recent posts list. Bump means to bump up, or move up.


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i'm french...
What does "BUMP" mean in item selling?
Christian, comme ils disent, c'est une expression qui signifie qu'apres un certain temps sans reponses, l'auteur du post ecrit qq chose pour replacer le post dans la liste des posts recents. Le post va donc par le fait meme se reclasser parmi les posts recents et etre de nouveau visible par tous.

C'est une convention sur les forums d'ecrire "bump," pcq ca decrit un mouvement en avant suite a une poussee. Imagine une voiture qui touche le vehicule devant lui avec son "bumper" pour lui signifier d'avancer. Ben sue que ca creerait un incident deplorable, donc au lieu de sa imagine qu'il crie: "Hey la, mais voyons bon sens, BUMP, alors, qu'on avance!"

J'espere que ca fait du sens!

We speaking ze Frenchie, icitte. ;)


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I thought that reading this would not lead to anything new, but you all do not disappoint. Thanks. Now I can teach others with my fresh azzz knowledge of the patois. And hey, I learned some French. God, that sounds so sweet.

It's frankly embarrassing that someone with such a beautiful and nuanced language would need to have a personal translator for our hard and brutal English. Watching Truffaut isn't the same as watching Almodovar. I don't have any handles for French like I do for Spanish.

Musiciens aidant les musiciens!

Bump, indeed. I love people who help out and make the world bigger and cooler.



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Alexa, élever mon message.

I think the Venn diagram of people who grok the term "backronym" and "smart speaker" customers might be a small bit of real estate. Or I might be just a little bit hopeful?

I have built too many computers to trust them with our selection of leisure wear, or not tattling to Daddy. This future is HORRIFYING.



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If BUMP is an acronym (or backronym), would the French term be EMM (élever mon message)?
That would mean "lift my message." Rather it is more like "Avancez en avant," or "Faites valoir votre rang," or "Au suivant! Ah mais c'est moi le suivant!"

Bump: also known as moving upward, or "One toke over the line."
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