What Did You Buy on Black Friday That You Never Heard of Before?


Reid Rosefelt
What instrument or plugin did you discover for the first time during Black Friday and purchase?
And if you care to say, what impressed you enough to buy it?

For me there's no question. It's the DDMF Metaplugin. It is the ugliest plugin I have ever seen, but I am pretty sure it is going to change the way I work going forward.

The basic idea is that you can save an instrument with an effects chain in a single file. Load up Metaplugin, load the file and you have everything. There are many plugins that do that kind of thing. But...
  • It will let you load up a VST3 in a host that only handles regular VSTs
  • You can load up 32 bit in 64 bit and 64 bit in 32 bit
  • VST3 to AU wrapper, VST3 TO AAX
  • Instrument Edition features 16 stereo outputs
  • Effects version supports up to 8 channels
  • and a lot of other stuff.

I thought I was buying this to be able to load the Reason Rack in Komplete Kontrol (which works), but I'm going to be using this to organize all my instruments. No longer will I be limited to the Kontakt instruments in Quickload and the other instruments in my memory.

Just create folders with your Metaplugin files. If you want to audition every piano plugin you have, you can do it rapidly with this. It won't matter if it is a Kontakt instrument or regular VST. It will pop up with the settings you like, and if you desire, the reverb or other effects you'd like to load up with it.

The only issue I have with it, is that these plugins will not come up with NKS.

But I love world music. If I want to audition all the Ouds I have, I can do it one after the other. And once I figure out which one works best for my piece, it's easy to reload that particular instrument.

The DDMF sale is supposed to end on Cyber Monday, but it's still on at this moment.

The hideous interface (why does it have that ugly type in the middle?) looks a little intimidating, but it scans your plugins easily and is a breeze to use once you figure it out. Double click on anything and it goes on the page. Connect MIDI IN to your instrument and then connect the instrument to effects or directly to audio out. Clicking on the instrument will bring up its interface.

Then save it. Load the file and your configuration will pop up.

There is a free demo, but you can't save patches with it.

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Dominus Pro.
As yet, with my usual holiday workload I’ve not been able to use it much, but I’m looking forward to doing so when I burn through remaining “use it or lose it” vacation days at the end of the year. I also finally got the full Kontakt, since it’s become obvious if I want to get some of the “full Kontakt only” samples, I needed it. Now, if I only had time to futz... 😁


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The basic idea is that you can save an instrument with an effects chain in a single file. Load up Metaplugin, load the file and you have everything. There are many plugins that do that kind of thing.
I don't think Icompletely understand the benefit DDMF. To me it sounds a bit like saving an instrument preset in Cubase. You open Kontakt or whatever, put some crazy processing on it and then you save that on an instrument preset. But this is not what you mean right?


Searching for the Lost Chord
I went into Black Friday with a meticulously compiled list of specific things I wanted. Fast forward to now, after all the dust settled, and I ended up with quite a bit more. Most of the unexpected add-ons were items I hadn't heard of before, including some newly announced products:

8dio: Blendstrument (2 flavors)
Soundiron: Sonespheres 3
Hidden path: Barrage
NoiseAsh: Vocal Finalizer
Strezov: Macabre Solo Strings
PluginGuru: Personal Flavours


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Bought my first Orange Tree Samples guitar (Strawberry) and after playing with it and realizing that the "slices" could be combined with the BF discount, I picked up the Jazz Archtop as well.
So far, so good!
Also finally upgraded to the 5 Rack from Soundtoys for only $50!
Really dig FilterFreak, Radiator and Little Alter Boy!


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Soundiron Lakeside Pipe Organ. Not that I hadn't heard about it...just never paid any attention to it or thought it was worth looking into.

For $29, it was worth trying. Turns out to be an absolute steal at that price. It's so good, I can't imagine needing another pipe organ.

Michael Antrum

Only the good die young....
VSL Big Bang Andromeda.

Impulse buy but is much more versatile and useful than I ever imagined it would be....


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PercX from Auddict, Frozen Piano from Herman Samples, Cue Builders Cinematic Rhythms from Red Room, and Audio Modeling SWAM FluteS and Double Reeds. Gonna Pick up NI Straylight before the sale ends on Monday. Decided to wait for Spitfire's Wish List sale instead of the Black Friday sale. Then I'm done forever...really this time...I'm not kidding....


Indie by Sonokinetic. Loved the style and small ensemble sound. The fact that you can see the part sheets and export the midi of the parts was the final straw, because now I tell myself even if I don't use it directly, I might learn quite a bit or use them for inspiration.


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These weren't in my radar till BF:

KH Virtuoso Ensemble Strings
Strezov Cornucopia String Ensembles 2
Auddict PercX Pro
Waves Factory Cassette
Ilya Efimov Nylon Guitar Complete


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Today I picked up Embertone's Mountain Dulcimer. If I had heard of it before, I discounted it outright since I already own a nice hammer dulcimer. But silly me -- Embertone's dulcimer is a different instrument all together. The video walk-through sold me, the groove patterns, in particular. I've only played with it briefly so far, but it's great!

Also picked up Auddict PercX after it came out to nowhere. Enjoying that, too.