What did you buy from Spitfire's Wishlist?

Studio E

Eric Watkins
I just bought Chamber Evolutions. I just love parts of the demos. It sounds like the type of thing you sneak into a score and really elevate the realism.


Throbbing Member
Now, contemplating the solo strings: As I already have the Artisans, ASS will be cheap. Spitfire Solo Strings is tempting also, should I buy both? I wished I could trade BDT for ASS in the 2018 bundle, as I also like SStS very much, but don't think I will have any use for BDT.. Ah, decisions, decisions...

i'm liking the idea of LCO/ASS with SStS Pro.


Big NKS Fan !
Nuthin yet ! Studio Brass Pro Intro end throws monkey wrench in works (for me). Will sort tomorrow onward.

Also ... tired of needing to reload everything, including Codes, after short time making last minute decisions. Many other top site keep everything in place for extended time. :sad: