What did you buy from Spitfire's Wishlist?


I'm just a "hobbyist"...
I did. Luke from Spitfire hooked me up with the codes and I went ahead with the purchase after all, You only live once after all.
That's somewhat reassuring... I opened a support ticket too yesterday but no codes yet. :scout:

I hope someone is still around the office since it's evening in London right now. ;) :)


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I bought EWC, EDNA Earth and Albion 4. I'd really only planned on getting the last of those three, but the discounts were significant enough that I elected not to resist. Having now done a bit of playing around with each of the libraries, I'm glad that I did ... thus far I think all three of them are terrific, and bring something to my arsenal that was absent before.

I allowed myself to indulge on the SA wish list this time (and throughout this holiday season really, having also added things like CSB, CAGE Brass, Dominus, Lacrimosa, Symphonic Shadows, etc.) because I have reasons to believe (reasons I won't be sharing right now) that I won't be spending any more money on sample libraries during the next holiday season, and quite possibly longer, and I want to feel like I've got all of the tools I can possibly need to create the music I wish to create (and I believe that I now do ... aleatoric libraries were especially a gap for me before, but no longer). Furthermore, after this holiday season I have once again quite literally run out of hard drive space for more libraries, so adding more of them after this point would be a significantly more expensive undertaking than just the cost of the libraries themselves.


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Been listening to YouTube videos. Sometimes I think I should just buy. I hate making decisions. It all sounds good when Paul, Oliver and Christian use them. I know they will sound bad to okay when I use them. But until they invent a VI that can read my mind and just play? I'll be stuck with okay for a while I'm sure.

I want a good library that will sound better as I improve rather than worse. This is a really good deal. Sigh.

And I'm hoping if they are the next NKS sale, it won't be the SSS in the sale. Based on the Berlin sale, it will likely be things like the Albions.

Okay pulling the trigger I think.


I'm just a "hobbyist"...
Got my codes... (thanks Luke...)

2018 Professional & Chrysalis so far... (I already own HZS & SStS so the bundle ended up a bit cheaper than buying BDT & SsS individually)

I'm still on the fence about HZPP... :thumbsup: :thumbsdown:

I know, I'll start a "X" vs. "Y" poll... I'm sure that'll result in a solid consensus on HZPP... :sneaky: ;) :cool:

UPDATE: I went with CinePerc on sale and passed on HZPP...
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