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chamber or symphonic... symphonic or chamber...

Hmmm choices choices....

(for strings i currently have CSS and CHEnsemble strings and solo, they all are terrific sounding, but each with a different character. Still both CSS and CHE are chamberish sized sounding.. (from small chamber to big chamber, and in between. hehe))

Not sure if symphonic will sound TOO big... i've heard it can also sound "small-ish"...

How is programming on both? (SCS and SSS) demo videos cannot tell very well.
Why would i pick one of the other.... considering what i already have.

i need something that can grow big if i need too... (or is big-ish, but still detailed) CSS cannot do that well, it remains midsized sounding.. not symphonic. Yet i heared chamber can be sounding big, with copy pasta and detuning of each instance of the patch.. still i have not heard a convincing big sounding piece..
Yet i am afraid that Symphonic strings might sound too big/mushy and cannot be tamed to mid/big size... for the more emotional upfront sound character (many williams pieces have e.g., they are not small, not mid.. but mid to big sound. Cannot explain it properly.. i guess..)

As said, i want flexibility in size... the mid and small i have covered... but the mid to big and big i haven't. Will chamber fit the bill (even if doing some tricks)..

Music i do is in the vain of Alan Silvestri, John Williams, Jesper Kid, Daniel Licht, Steve Jablonsky, Alan Menken.
Thus movie/game-ish classical music.. but not the bombastic epic action trailer type.. but more the defined/delicate, romantic, emotional score type (if that makes any sense... not sure how to call it.. )

Maybe you are thinking: i don't follow this person at all.. does he want big or not? to make it simple, i want big, but not washy over the top big..
I understand that.. though.. because the demos of both libs do not convince me fully... i am very much in doubt on which one is better suiting, for quality and size flexibility.

To be honest, i am not impressed by the demos Spitfire has up for each lib.. often it sounds, odd, synthy.. or too contemporary for my taste...
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Since i bought yesterday one hour or so before the intro price ends the StudioBrassCore, i added now StudioStringsCore from the wishlist to it and now waiting for the Winds.
The EWC is still in my mind but i also need more space on top then. Not sure if my wife will accept that.....