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What did you buy from Spitfire's Wishlist?


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My humble list:




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Lunatic - it's really that simple
nothing yet - budget is constrained by the Christmas shopping I did for the kiddies, so I'm trying to figure out which ones will give me the most bang for the buck.

I am considering Studio Strings (basic), Alternative Solo Strings, Igeneous Electric Cello, and maybe British Drama Toolkit. The challenge, as always, if trying to guess what sort of projects will come with the new year. I know I am writing music for a theatrical production of "Baker Street Irregulars", and I hope to land a couple others, but nothing else is cast in stone yet.

I would have been really good at being independently wealthy<G>!


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Nothin'. No more money. This has been a Spitfire year for me, though, thanks to their deals and overall generosity.

I won the Bohemian collection during 2017's Black Friday tombola and got the free Euphone too. Grabbed Albion V during the last Wish List. Upgraded to Alternative Solo Strings when they replaced my Artisan Violin/Cello. Orchestral Swarm was thanks to the Spring Wish List, I think? Got Studio Strings and Brass, and the choir, on promo pricing. Union Chapel organ through the November discount. Not to mention lots of LABS stuff, old and new.

Can't complain....


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I haven't received my email yet, hope they will allow extensions if there was a server problem sending out the emails. But I have a wishlist full of stuff that I added days ago.


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I have avoided their products because there are so many I would like. So if I delved into it, it would be a bottomless pithole for me. If they decide on a cloud subscription service, I would jump on it like a desperate teenager at the disco..

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I upgraded my HZ percussion to Pro to get the additional stereo mixes. I've previously done the same with SSO and SCS and it is a great ram-saver (and sounds great too!).


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I haven't got any codes yet, so what kind of discounts should I expect? Is it the same for every product? (I belive my wishlist consists of HZ percussion, SSW, and EW choir.)

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I might get Spitfire Solo Strings as I will be working on some smaller stuff that won’t have a big string section.

I also plan on writing some string trio and Quartette music so solo strings would be great to have!
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