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What developers are Insta Buys for you?


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There are no "instabuys for me" and I rarely buy samples anyway.

But, if anyone comes close, it would be Eduardo Tarilonte


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There are developers I like and trust, and I will immediately check out their libraries if they are something I might need. But "Instant Buy" is a stretch. If balancing income and outgo were less of an issue maybe, but I think my personality is such that I'd still do some digging.

Things that accelerate a purchase decision include:
- a good walk-through video, demos are nice, but walk-throughs tell me more
- a demo MIDI file
- a downloadable manual
- a demo version of the library, or a refund period

And I still have to need it, or have the expectation that I can use it in an upcoming project.


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Never instabuys, but definitely insta-ttentions... Orchestral Tools is perhaps top of the tree currently (seems to be for some others also). I just wish they would release their walkthroughs a little earlier than a few days before the product's launch.


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Hybrid Two. They only have three products!

Not instabuy, but I always give a good look to anything Soundiron come up with.

Synths? U-he will be demoed quickly probably with the intent of purchasing. I haven't gotten their effects though.


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Technically none as I always do at least a minor amount of research first, but the ones that come closest are Eduardo Tarilonte and Orchestral Tools.


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I'm going to say that anything 8Dio, SonicCouture or Sonokinetic puts out (on sale) for under $20 - $25 is usually a grab and check out later purchase. I've rarely been disappointed. And at that price, I would probably add Soundiron and ISW as long as it isn't EDM stuff. If Spitfire or OT came out with something at that price? I would grab it also. (I think I bought all of the LABs stuff before they were free.) So for me it is more a price point than a company.


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Spectrasonics, Tarilonte, Heavyocity, In Session Audio, Hybrid Two, The Unfinished, Midissonance. Honorable mention to Impact Soundworks and Soundiron.

Sample Logic, Output, Keep Forest all used to be on my insta-buy list until they started putting out silly stuff. I also have an insta-ignore list.


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ProjectSam, Spitfire, Spectrasonics

A few others are in the "well, let's just check it out but you're probably gonna get it anyway" camp.

There are a few devs I won't buy from ever again.


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Buying “sight unseen and unheard” ..?

None... ever...

There are some devs mentioned here that would go a on my “show me a good demo / walkthrough with discount pricing and I’m in on your preorder” list but, never without at least that.


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I like the term insta-attention much more than instabuy. Insta-attentions for me include:

1) Impact Soundworks
2) Soundiron
3) Sound Dust
4) Performance Samples
5) Modwheel
6) Light & Sound
7) Embertone
8) Orange Tree Samples
9) Strezov

And no doubt a few others I'm not thinking of at the moment.

I do stay aware of the big orchestra Library devs, but usually I just assume they're too expensive anyway, and I'm just about done buying stuff. After this holiday season, my New Year's resolution is to pay no attention to further developments for at least 6 months.


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No instabuys for me either, but I have to admit that ProjectSAM, Spectrasonics, Orchestral Tools and Orange Tree Samples do all come close in this regard.


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In principle I agree with everyone who says "none". But in practice, Orange Tree Samples and Analogue Drums fall into this category.
Unaccountably, I forget to mention Indiginus. I was reminded by learning just now that Tracy Collins did the Kontakt scripting for Amadeus Symphony Orchestra.


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None really but I very much enjoy using all five products by Musical Sampling so if I had to go in blindly that's the company I'd choose.


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Not samples, but If I had to sign a blood pact declaring that "I shall blindly purchase all future products from company X," company X would be FabFilter.

I avoid blood pacts these days though.
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