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What are your *most* important wishes for Logic and work with sample libraries?


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QL: Spaces vs Altiverb, EXS24 vs Kontakt... the more features and control they give you comes at some sonic cost.
Maybe so- as far other convo engines go, I've been liking reverberate quite a bit.
Yes- you can muck things up w/ the added layers of possibility, but it sounds pretty transparent to me.


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I would scrap kontakt anytime if these libraries would be cross platform. Meaning available for exs, kontakt, presence xt, falcon so the user could choose and go with what's more efficient.

Like Charlie I too prefer to resample my libs but for orchestral scripted libs it's not easy or even doable = time consuming.


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Another wish for logic in general would be an easy way to time align and transpose any audio region like apple loops do.

A convenient way to slip edit audio and midi regions = like final cut, DP, cubendo does it.

Although these wishes are not directly needed for orchestral work.


Jim Daneker
I agree with Jay... at least several years ago, I had converted a bunch of old libraries to both EXS and Kontakt formats, and the EXS versions sounded noticeably better - particularly the filters. The vast majority of my template consists of Kontakt or Play libraries, and oh how I wish they were available for EXS. The efficiency of that engine is unparalleled...


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With Kontakt I often play several hundred voices... Can EXS play more than 64 voices now?


I'm a recovering Logic user who now uses Cubase for my own work, but I'm currently doing some music editing and additional music on a clone of a composer's rig, and I have to use Logic X for that. Logic drives me nuts because it's almost really fantastic. If Apple didn't own it and actually got the attention it deserved, I'd love it.

Big things for me are:
1) Been mentioned here, but Kontakt takes forever to open.
2) Logic, please just save my damn windows the way I left them. Every single time I open it, things are in different places. Drives me absolutely insane.
3) Please make the GUI usable on something that isn't a 4k screen. Make stereo files always look like stereo files. Why in the world do they look like mono files once you're zoomed out? Makes no sense.
4) Fix global tracks. You can only open them with key commands, not the mouse (not a big deal, but...just, why?) This has been a problem since Logic 8, at least.

That's all I can think of at the moment but I'm sure there's more.


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+1 For Better Articulation Control
+1 For +16 Midi Channels for Midi Tracks
+1 For Better CC Lane Display

1. Smart Controls: How about Buttons? Presently only toggle switches in specific templates.
2. Also Midi Output from an AU (another one thats in the AU spec but still not in Logic).
3. Ability to save Controller Assignments as settings and recall by project (presently you have to save the prefs file otherwise when it gets corrupted (usually by a Mackie Control) you are back to square one.


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I see that some of you also post Logic wishes that aren't directly related to work with sample libraries, but... why not. Lots of good suggestions here. Btw, there are also many good suggestions here and here.


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I had 2 projects recently where screen set 1 was locked. After a while when switching between screen sets the locked screen set started to stack the windows instead of showing the locked state.

Same happens here daily! What screen do you use?

Ned Bouhalassa

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Well, it is very reasonable to doubt me on this :)

Kirk Hunter, who developed for both, once babbled something to me about the EXS24 having "non-linear release tails" or something, I don't know.

Here is what I am becoming convinced of, however, until proven wrong...QL: Spaces vs Altiverb, EXS24 vs Kontakt... the more features and control they give you comes at some sonic cost.

I can't prove it, but I believe it to be so.
Perhaps, Jay, but what about Omnisphere?


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Maybe it's just me but I'd like to see the buffer size be project specific rather than a global setting.
If a have a project where I'm directly recording my guitar, in order to minimize latency, I want a small butter size, 32.
If I have another project where I'm mixing a lot of vi's then I want a larger buffer size, 512 or 1024.
Nothing is more frustrating than closing a guitar project with the buffer set at 32 then opening a large vi project and the buffer is still set at 32. Especially if all of your vi's are loaded in VEP and then you have to wait forever while they unload and reload. Maybe I'm not doing it right or maybe I should remember to think ahead and reset my buffer size before hand.
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Many great suggestions here.

I'd add the ability to rename a project, including the project folder name. Would fit the way I tend to organize things.

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Work with the audio-bin regularly drives me crazy (however, maybe there is an option that i haven't found):

When working with large projects there are often hundreds of audio files and countless audio regions.
Often i want to get rid of unused audio regions, but:
A.) only in selected groups
B.) only in one or more audio files

When clicking select unused, all the regions pop up and a journey with no end begins...

That's really terrible.
If i work on a specific part i don't want to think about other audio files that i maybe can use.

And therefore another command that i would like is:
Select unused audio regions (but don't select audio files that contain only one region).
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