What are your favourite Brass Libraries then?


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That's probably how I would approach it as well to create some realistic space and variation in distance. But I don't own CSB yet. YET!
For the strings alone, I'd rather boost some air to make them a little closer.
yes but the close mic would be a great option to add in some bite. I lately try to create a different template by layering CSS using the classical legato patch (the Close mic) with CS2 (stage mic). So far i like the sound of it.


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VSL is fantastic for solos especially with legato, FORZO for ensemble layering, and Spitfire Symphonic Brass for general composition. Sometimes the Arks fit in, but the versatility is limited there. YMMV! :)


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I'm just writing a piece with CineBrass Core/Pro and jeez, the stereo image between sustains and shorts is so inconsistant it drives me crazy. And the dynamic range between 1, 2 and 6 horns is all over the place so I can't just put another section over the same midi without the need of totally reprogramming the midi part.

@CineSamples is there any update planned? I'm trying to correct the stereo in Kontakt using stereo modeller but can't put it right.

For those owning 90s Retro Brass, how's programming? And how's the dynamic range, I watched all the walkthroughs and nobody properly showed how soft it can get, so I think there's only 1 dyn layer? Is stereo all right?

Anyway, still waiting for JXL Brass and OT's a la carte shop before buying anything new.