What are your favourite Brass Libraries then?

Discussion in 'SAMPLE Talk' started by jononotbono, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. Joe Totino

    Joe Totino New Member

    Nov 28, 2018
    I think Cinebrass PRO is a no brainer if you’re already using CORE. The monster low brass is excellent, plus all the solo instruments, improved legato on certain patches, and the FX. Gets a ton of use in my template!
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  2. Casiquire

    Casiquire Senior Member

    May 7, 2013
    Antoher vote for Chris Hein. It completely overtook Hollywood Brass in my setup. It is dry, but i don't mind that. The results in an orchestral mix are really fantastic
  3. ProfoundSilence

    ProfoundSilence Active Member

    Dec 10, 2018
    1. Berlin brass
    2a. Cinebrass
    2b. Samplemodeling
    2c. Arks 1-3
    3a. Angry Brass
    3b. Caspian Brass
    4a. Adventure brass
    4b. Hollywood Brass

    I will say that working with any of these libraries involves learning their quirks. Sadly one criticism I hear from people who are unhappy with berlin brass is that it doesn't have enough bite… which is largely because of the way the library is programmed - it's honestly from an actual score point of view, and not a keyboard composer point of view.

    the legatos(or even the sustains) are realistic dynamics for connected phrasing - as if there was actually a slur/legato marking.

    in order to produce bite, you would need to phrase things using actual "short" articulations - like the marcatos, staccatos - ect. This is something that Mike Patti from cinesamples has expressed in the past, as well as mike verta in his brass masterclass. This in conjunction with being smart with the attack parameter is the best way to create convincing brass phrasing(this is also how to get energy out of the string library as well)

    that and I think people forget about the ensemble patches(as well as the bells up patches for horn)

    edit: split it into tiers, rather than a list.

    I would just say this: regardless of the brass library you have - DONT FORGET THE SHORT NOTES. This should be our bread and butter, not sustain patches if you want realistic phrasing - and as a plus, the extra dynamics are usually there, rather than trying to loop an impossible FFF breve
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  4. I don't own many Brass Libraries, but I'll try and list my favorites:

    1: This is a tie between CineBrass (Core + Pro) and Cinematic Studio Brass. I find that they complement each other extremely well and help cover each others' weakenesses.

    Cinematic Studio Brass is outstanding for your really loud or punchy lines, and also for passages that alternate quickly between shorts and sustains. Despite the limited ensemble sizes, the horns, trumpets, and tenor trombones can sound perfectly sized. It's the low brass where this library is really disappointing, in my eyes. It's great for bumbling, tumbling, flighty Williams-esque writing, but for anything loud and biting and overwhelming, this ain't it: it sounds way too small.

    This is where CineBrass comes in. It is overall mellower and softer in tone and dynamics than CSB, and sometimes, I end up preferring using this for supporting chords in an orchestration over CSB, because sometimes CSB doesn't get as mellow as I want. The solo horn legato in Core is an especially good example of this - the sound is just superb. CineBrass also does low brass exceptionally well. It is loud and punchy and sounds just big enough in Core, and in Pro, with the Monster Low Brass ensemble, it sounds absolutely huge, and you can really get some incredible blasts and stabs that you just can't do with CSB.

    2: Hollywood Brass. This is a close second for me. The horns and trumpets are old favorites of mine, it's just that the way the articulations is organized isn't as intuitive for my workflow as it used to be, but I definitely still love using the legatos and shorts sometimes.

    3. Metropolis Ark 1 & 2: I don't use these as much, mainly because, like HWB, I find Capsule's articulation manager a little cumbersome for my workflow anymore, but they definitely still hold up, and they're a great option for me to have handy. You can get absolutely huge sounding lines and chords out of Ark 1, and really soft and pretty lines out of Ark 2. They're complement each other so well.

    4. Symphony Series Brass Ensemble: I don't use this one at all anymore, mainly because there's too much reverb baked in, and the articulations aren't as consistent as I'd want them to be.
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  5. ProfoundSilence

    ProfoundSilence Active Member

    Dec 10, 2018
    I suspect I'd put CSB on part with cinebrass if I had it.

    different programming, different strengths... but all in all - cinebrass just has killer tone(as does berlin) track down isn't terrible, I just prefer sony stage a lot more(and I prefer teldex above that, because it has a darkness/smoothness that I like)
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  6. kevthurman

    kevthurman Active Member

    Dec 18, 2018
    I too am waiting for MSB (estimated for April 15th according to the website) before I decide between either that or CSB. None of the others seem flexible, consistent, or realistic enough to make the cut for me. Even some aspects of CSB fall flat for me.
  7. Kadirally

    Kadirally New Member

    May 15, 2016
    Forzo by Heavyocity.
    I'm enjoying the low brass sections. The wonderful aleatoric/performance patches like 'waves' etc. are a huge plus. Pristine sound-quality - recorded at Skywalker Ranch.
    Sadly no legato patches.
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  8. OleJoergensen

    OleJoergensen Senior Member

    Jul 16, 2015
    It sound good as well, even it is quite dry.
    Re-listening to my example, I can hear I didn't pay much attention to breathing. The musician must have looked blue faced...... :-/
    I must redo it one day.
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  9. zimm83

    zimm83 Senior Member

    Jun 23, 2017
    Metropolis ark 1-4 + Heavyocity Forzo.
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  10. Brian Nowak

    Brian Nowak Active Member

    Jan 9, 2018
    I actually struggle with Cinebrass core/pro. Great tone. But push the instruments just a hair outside their comfort zone and the illusion breaks down, especially in any exposed writing. Tuning issues, dynamic limitations, and many rough notes throughout. I regularly think about removing them from my hard drive so I stop trying to muck about with them.

    My experience with CSB has been a lot better. Quite flexible. Consistent. Easier to shape phrases to my needs rather than write phrases to the library's capabilities. The only big issue I have is that once Logic projects reach a certain size I get a lot of hanging notes. Annoying but not impossible to work with.
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  11. Akarin

    Akarin pragsound.com

    Jan 14, 2018
    I have tons of brass libs but CSB mostly replaced all of them except Forzo when I need a more sound-designy lib.
  12. kevthurman

    kevthurman Active Member

    Dec 18, 2018
    Lack of legato is a deal breaker for me. I probably use that more than any other patches.
  13. gjelul

    gjelul Active Member

    May 2, 2015
    Is this out yet?
  14. kevthurman

    kevthurman Active Member

    Dec 18, 2018
    estimated to release in a week. (april 15)
  15. PeterKorcek

    PeterKorcek Active Member

    Aug 25, 2013
    Cinebrass can be nice when you tamed the instrument - can be difficult in controlling the final output and need a lot of massaging sometimes.
    Ark 1 Brass is kick-ass, instant epicness and power
    Did not have time to fully evaluate CSB
  16. benmrx

    benmrx Senior Member

    Jun 26, 2010
    I just checked out the page over at Audiobro for their upcoming brass library and I'm really stoked on the general layout of instruments and articulations. Very much looking forward to getting more info on that library.
  17. arcy

    arcy Member

    Jan 17, 2018
    I like VSL. Very consistent and versatile.
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  18. gjelul

    gjelul Active Member

    May 2, 2015
    Oh, I see. So, you already like the sound of it :)

    Same here though, looking forward to checking this one out when realeased.
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  19. AR

    AR Senior Member

    Jan 28, 2009
    The Brass in Ark 4 is very epic and can be very subtle. I bought Caspian recently but couldn't share the love for it as others do here. OT Berlin Brass is good, too. But it's a little bit too clean for me compared to the Ark Brass. Ark has that "real" situation thing where you have instrument combinations that composers normally choose when composing. Kinda like Spitfire Albion series, but I parted with Spitfire since they don't reinvent theirselves anymore.
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  20. BeneJ

    BeneJ New Member

    Sep 4, 2018
    I bought the 8Dio Century Brass bundle partly because of their proud inclusion of muted articulations (even 2 different types of muted, in some cases) for all instruments, just like their Century Sordinos library. Perfect, it’s worth having just for that! It was only after I installed it that I realised: no legatos on the muted versions. So, not like Century Sordino then.

    Not including Vienna Symphonic, can anyone recommend any muted brass libraries with full legato transitions?

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