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What are your favourite Brass Libraries then?


Luke Johnson
Just thought I'd ask what everyone's favourite Brass libraries are. I haven't bought as many Brass libraries as I have, for example, String libraries and I actually notice the lack of choice by having so few. My most recent purchase was EWHO and loving some of Hollywood Brass (haven't got through everything in it yet - the whole orchestra is huge in scope and choice).

I haven't yet bought Cinematic Studio Brass (and definitely going to - just had other things to spend my money on) but I'm looking forward to it after buying CSS and CSSS and if they are anything to go by, I can only imagine it being amazing.

I also have had my eyes/ears on OT's Berlin Brass as I love the idea of separate players.

Also, wondering about Adventure Brass. And whether Cinebrass Pro is worth getting when I already have Cinebrass Core...

Man, there's a lot of choice and I haven't even mentioned them all. Just wondering what everyone is using at this point! And please, no arguing... Oh what am I saying. FIGHT...


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I've been very happy with Spitfire Symphonic Brass, supplemented with the brass from Metropolis Ark 1&2. I'm missing muted shorts and muted legato, and I use the muted brass ensemble patch from Inspire 1 for that right now.


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My top choices:

1. CineBrass - perfect for the punchy superhero sound.
2. Cinematic Studio Brass - a very warm tone, opens up beautifully with beautiful dynamic crossfading
3. Berlin Brass - sooo good at low dynamics, very noble in colour, surprisingly effective at loud shorts.

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CSB is superb. Amazing tone and dynamic cross fading excellent.

Infinite Brass is also excellent. Lots of control over phrasing. Tone has a bit more to go, but I seem to be using it more than CSB at the moment.


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Another case where one size does not fit all...

CineBrass Core - pretty much my starting point, largely because I've used it the longest, but the sound is lovely!

Cinematic Studio Brass - so incredibly flexible, probably covers more ground than any other.

Chris Hein Brass - a little more work in terms of programming, but sounds beautiful. Very good at up front parts.

Spirfire Studio Brass (basic) - just picked it up, but I'm really liking the sound. Still learning to use it.

That's for orchestral stuff. Berlin Brass sounds gorgeous in the demos, I own Ark 1 and 2 and there really is something magical about the sound of their libraries.

And of course all of the above are individual instruments and sections. I don't use ensembles often, but Spitfire, Project Sam, and Orchestral Tools ensemble libraries are really good when they fit.

For pop stuff I use Swing & Swing More, CH Horns, and I'm working on learning Glory.

There are a lot of brass libraries, and they all seem to do one or two things better than the rest.

If I had to limit myself to one it would be Cinebrass Core and Cinematic Studio Brass - I really couldn't choose just one<G>!


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Still love Cinebrass Core/Pro for that baked in JW sound and it's my favorite. Forzo is great for more mellow/regal stuff and sound design. I had Auddict's Master Brass (with the update), which is actually pretty good, but it's on the mellow end and I have that covered pretty well so I sold it. EWHB has good horns and the trombones have a nice dynamic range from mellow up through blasting but Cinebrass does that better, imo, and there are looping issues with Tuba, which also sounds a little anemic. I have other stuff (8Dio, Adventure Brass, Caspian, etc) but Cinebrass beats it for me. For completely over the top, Trailer Brass is great. It's less realistic than Cinebrass, which can cover that ground if needed, but The Horde is as mean and fat as it gets.
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Spitfire Studio Brass is a good workhorse, as it was designed to be. Lots of instruments and articulations. Occasional annoying tone difference between articulations (different player, different day?) although I've only used the stereo mixes so far so that needs checking in the individual mic sets.

Spitfire Symphonic is comprehensive and does its thing with the room but the sound can feel just a little old-fashioned. Some of it is quite noisy as well (eg Solo Horn)

Cinematic Studio Brass is excellent and a bit of a revelation. Less instruments and artics but fabulous consistent sound and proper FF's that really cut without being overblown. My go-to at the moment.

Of course if you really need to bring out the big guns then Met Ark 1 and 3 will deliver.

I'd love to have Forzo but that will have to wait until November I think.


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Have to mention Caspian here. It actually got a lot of love from recently. You can really create these absolutely belieble crescendos. Also best trombones I encountered.


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Yeah, another vote for Berlin brass.

Here's a test track I had made. I layered a small bit of Glory Days trumpet and trombone near the very end, just to get that last bit of bite on some of the very long sustained notes, but actually most of the brassy sound is from the marcato long articulations of berlin brass.



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I have CSB, Cinebrass (core+pro) and Berlin Brass.
I'd absolutely go for CSB. Very consistent programming, great sound. Both beautiful at soft and loud dynamics. Cinebrass is a close second, Berlin Brass is nice because of the seperate players and awesome sound but the programming and dynamics are all over the place which makes it a pain to use. + It's super heavy for your computer. They've recorded DIFFERENT dynamics for each player, a philosophy I don't understand. Also check out: https://vi-control.net/community/threads/how-to-fix-berlin-brass.63516/
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