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What are your favorite sounds in ERA II?


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What are your favorite sounds in ERA II? i very likely test it more with try-sound soon. but allready liked some but not so. but problem is not samples i bet but instruments itself. i feel there is very likely suitable amount sounds what i can use. Only thing what i dislike is keyswitch must be holded unlike some other libraries. or can this changed?


the winds have sometimes an interesting timbre... otherwise even if they're a lot of patches, this library sounds "synth" too often for me. But I might not know how to use its strong points yet. x)
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I actually like the bagpipe's playability, although it's reaaaally dry, could be toned down a good bit im sure to sit well.
Bagpipes?...toned down? :rofl:

I love a lot of the sounds in ERA II. As said above the plucked Strings sound great and the wooden transverse flute is really beautiful to my ears. I find a lot of great sounds in this library though I don't have an applied example that I could share. Sorry.


realised I can type here
It's just weird, doesn't sound like bagpipes out of the box, artificially honkey to my ears
Sure. My comment was more about bagpipes in general. They're not an instrument I think of "toning down".
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I quite like the bagpipes in Era II FWIW. They stir my (somewhat diluted) Gaelic/Celtic blood.


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No examples needed. btw plucked strings and flutes are main reason why i think this. I test more. btw is expression only volume control here? i understaned most sampel libraries changes only volume. and cornett also is nice sounding.
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