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What are you sitting on that's not an Aeron/standard-style office chair?


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I bought the HON V705, and it was truly built like a tank in every aspect, held my weight easily. The problem was, its shape just killed my sacrum. I can't explain why, it was like my backside went too far back or something. I tried to make it work for months but it just killed me. I went back to the OfficeStar 2400E that I listed above and couldn't be happier. Just order the $18 gas cartridge I listed and this chair that's technically rated at 250 lbs easily becomes a 400 lb chair.


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I am in need of a new studio chair and been looking around for the past month to find a good fit.

At the moment I am considering two options:

- Vitra ID Mesh
- SitagTeam lowback

Both chairs are highly ergonomic with many wonderful functions that my back will love ;)

Many blessings,



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I have a Corrigo-Designs chair (uk). Got it mostly because it seemed to be a back-saving solution that was a bit cheaper than an Aeron - still not a cheap chair - but I couldn't justify the cost of an Aeron to myself. Had it for about 3 years so far I think - and no complaints.


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Just curious. Does anyone use a bench? I use a cheap Staples mesh swivel chair on wheels in order to move between my KK S61 to my left and (new) SL 88 Grand (til recently there was a PC3X in that position). But to my right is a Yamaha G2 and I never play that on a swivel, always a bench. Body mechanics just feel right to me when I lean into the keyboard without my seat spinning underneath me. The chair is actually a relatively new addition and works ok since I am often reaching for a mouse or controller while using the daw. But for pure playing, I don't think you can beat a bench.
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