What are the most straightforward/most effective plugins for placing orchestral instruments that aren't pre-panned?


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I have VSL MIRx, and it's very easy to use, but it only works with VSL products. I've been eyeing MIR Pro, because it would work for any company's instruments and audio files, and clearly displays the seating chart, but it's really expensive. I'd like to get it eventually, but it's too expensive.

Are there any plugins, that you'd recommend, that are visually clear and relatively intuitive, are good for orchestral and acoustic instruments, and has placement for left/right/depth (how far from the conductor the instrument sits on stage)? I googled, and I see a lot of products with lots sliders and squiggly soundwaves.


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You don't need any of that with libraries that have multiple mic positions.

Just work with the various mics until it sounds good.


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2cAudio Precedence

VirtualSoundStage 2

dearVR Pro (has been on sale for as low as 30$)

Independence Origami (the only spatial panner I know that works with convolution, not algorithmic reverb. There used to be a free version of this. Don't know if it still exists).

Eareverb 2

Inspired Acoustic's Inspirata (to be released in May)

If you are working in Cubase, you could also try the method that @Rob described here (completely free):

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