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What are the best / most interesting combos of instruments?


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I've seen several threads, thoughts, virtual instruments, etc... where there are two, three or more instruments all playing together when you press a note. What would be the most beautiful, useful, interesting, haunting, scariest or oddest combos you can think of? It might be a funky area to explore in freebie land. Any ideas welcome you are talking to oddball behind the legato piano and the surprise piano...


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That's like asking people what the best dressings on a hamburger would be. Opinions vary wildly.

A1, mayonnaise, and pickles, if you were wondering.

Or teryaki sauce and a pineapple ring. :scout:


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Highland bagpipes, French horn, and didgeridoo. Perfect for cocktail party gigs.

Semi-serious answer: For unison playing I like the sound of a piano and woodwinds.
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