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Hey folks,

Just a quick note to introduce myself. I found this forum by looking for ideas for an audio workstation design that included both tabletop space for small/modular equipment and good old reliable pen(cil) and paper, and also a nice useful place to park and play my CP-33 keyboard once I can fetch it out of storage (using either "good enough for performance" built in sounds or Pianoteq v6...I was one of the early believers back in 200...6? Whenever version 2 came out...I hear those old sounds now and laugh and cringe).

What brought me here was Nick Batzdorf's VI Composer's Desk concept, but this looks like a great virtual community so hopefully I can glean a few more things from all the experience/expertise here and maybe even contribute a little bit.

I have spent the last few years traveling around the US/world with my partner/fiancee, so we have been living out of a suitcase for a while. We are in the process of designing a (fairly tiny 10' x 27') house, with almost a quarter of it nearly-dedicated to my musical activities.

I am primarily a guitarist, but also play keyboard, harmonica, mandolin and, soon, bass. And some percussion. And vocals. I was on track for professional musicianship but intensfying lifelong chronic illness got in my way. After five years of treating it through diet/lifestyle changes (what a life changer when I figured that out!), I am much better and getting better all the time, and ready to resume my musical dreams and hopefully get this (*#&%$#$ out of my head intact to share with the rest of the world (whoever wants to hear it). This excites and intimidates me. I have a huge backlog of instrumental and vocal songs. In fact, that is one of my main creative tensions: new ideas keep getting in the way of finishing up old ideas :)

But I am learning slowly how to produce and record myself. Producing and recording OTHER people seems waaay easier. Anyway, I am also looking into downsizing, consolidating and focusing my instrument rigs. Piano, bass, acoustic guitars (steel, nylon, nashville, travel), a single electric guitar (custom hardtail partscaster with a passive midboost circuit). Getting rid of a lot of dedicated equipment where combined equipment can work well in multiple applications. It's a hard process, but I find the simplification helps free me to focus on what matters...making good music! It is still a ways off, so I am in repertoire maintenance mode as much as possible.

My illness disrupted my musical life quite a bit. I had stopped playing piano for almost 6 years. Now I am re-teaching myself with a suite that I composed in my early-mid twenties. It is weird to be on the outside looking in on stuff I created. Looking forward to being on the inside looking out again, soon...!

Feel free and reach out whenever if you have something to say...cheers!

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