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Dear Friends,

Mike kindly decided to makes us "the first guinea pig" in this new VIC experiment! So welcome to our very own CodeUltra Sounds forum!

This is a good space, where our valued customers and forum members can reach out to engage with us in creative discourse:
  • Do you have a request for a specific Arkeon Demo?
  • Would you like to learn about any of the techniques we employed in its making?
  • Do you have a MIDI file you would like to test on any of our Patches?
  • Do have ideas for future products? (If we use your idea, You get the product for FREE!)
  • Do you have other ideas not on this list? Just let us know!
We will gladly respond to your requests and inquiries via this forum.

Arkeon owners can share their musical creations with us here:

If you have a use case for Arkeon or an interesting piece of music you've made -even without Arkeon- let us know! We can explore it together and feature it on our other platforms.

In the upcoming days and weeks, we'll be sharing a steady stream of valuable content. I will update this announcement soon, so stay tuned!

IMPORTANT: If you're keen on what we do, Click Here to put this forum on your Watched List.

Stay Creative!

Sidi Hassani

Founder - CodeUltra Sounds
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Hey, just a headsup. The banner at the bottom of the site about the upcoming update update has a spelling error. It says Diva expasion instead of expansion.

Btw, this is probably the most beautiful serum pack i've heard yet. I think that serum often ends up sounding very cold, digital and inorganic, but this pack, while still sounding digital, really does something good on that side. Also, i love the idea of including the serum Fx presets. I am definitelly going to pick this up at some point. I also look forward to hear what you guys can do with Diva, and would love to see a Soundtoys Rack preset pack from you!
S.M Hassani

S.M Hassani

CodeUltra Sounds
Hey there,

Thank you for the heads up and your kind comments on Arkeon.

Even after 7+ videos, we haven't been able to demonstrate the full variety of sonic possibilities inside of Arkeon. Some of the patches firmly push Serum into that "Analog/Organic" realm, like never before. We're working on even more demos to showcase that, as we finalize the first Diva Expansion.

Big fan of the SoundToys 5 Bundle. I use it regularly when I'm "Cooking Sounds" :grin:

So I can tell you that there is a SoundToys Rack Pack in the making! (But no release date or format has been fixed yet)

We will release other products lines in 2020, as we aim is to bring a fresh concept to the entire synth Omniverse. ;)

But we will continue to grow Arkeon, until we are satisfied that it contains everything a composer needs from a Cinematic Synth Toolkit. This may include FX Plugin presets at some point.

Once again thank you for your suggestions, and we hope to hear from you soon.

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