Ways to keep up with new music


Hi all!

I'm wondering what everybody uses to keep up to date with trending licensing.
I'm a classical trained musician myself and from time to time stepping out of my comfort zone with new music styles to keep evolving my work.
Listening to film music of course (obvious) checking on: Adforum and libraries like Extreme, De Wolfe and others. Some Spotify playlists.
Can be hard to keep track and not everything is in the category of my own music listening preferences. (I'm mainly listening to Jazz, classical, some pop and film music.)
But very curious about your references/inspirations and ways to keep up with new music.


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I don't. If it's worth hearing I'll hear it at some point, unless I don't, then I don't care :) I often hear music in ads, or on the radio in shops/cafes (well not at the moment), or people send me things to listen to. I generally don't seek it out unless it's from a musician I'm already into.

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A good number of Spotify discover weekly tracks have made their way in to my top favourites.

Going on a late night youtube binge is also a good way to discover a bunch, just start with something you like and go through recommended after recommended.. Sometimes you have to take a few steps back/restart as you'll find yourself in some weird corner of the internet, but there's just so much music out there, it's hard to find new things, and some real gems!


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The six Spotify Daily Mixes that are auto generated have turned me on to more new music than anything else.
It helps if you use Spotify a lot and use the favourites feature.