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Waves - Worst Installation & Activation Ever


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Would be nice if there was a simple way of unwrapping the wrapper and getting individual component, vst and vst3 files. You know, like nearly every other plugin....
I think they do it this way because it streamlines development. I don't know exactly what changes with wrapper vs. non-wrapper, but I imagine that using the wrapper reduces the amount of redundant code that they have to maintain across all of the plugins.

I've encountered a couple of non-DAW hosts that can't even properly load Waves plugins because of the wrapper, so it's definitely a pain from a user perspective.

EDIT: I think shell is actually the technical term for what they're using, not wrapper.


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Like I said, out of the 20 something Waves plugins I have, there are only a couple that I actually reach for more than 2 times a year (I've probably loaded 45-50 projects into my DAWs in the last year- personal tracks, mixes of other folks music, live concert tracks for distribution).
I just checked my Waves account and to update the ones I have till 1/21 will cost $383.40.


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Someone has to defend them..I have not had any problems with the 30+ waves plugins I own. I have a mix of V9 & v10, have never updated any WUP and all work fine. The transition from v9 to v10 went smoothly, the eligible plugs were updated by Waves Central and the v9s stayed in place..
Well, I have one issue..I use Cubase and FL Studio, and in FL, the plugin loaded to the "shell" is not in place when I re-open the project. But I think that's a FL issue...
I'm not crazy about all their plugz, but I have my go-tos
I kept seeing the post title, and eventually I had to write something based on my experience.


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I got maybe hundreds of waves plugs. The shell sometimes works with my daws and ve pro. Sometimes not after a waves update. Not going to shell out the ridiculous upgrade fee. They basically give away their plugins on the cheap then kill you with the update plan to maybe keep it working.
Screw that. Moved to melda MXXX. I like them better anyways. A single installer installed them all. No issues.


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I think IK's TRacks installed is worse since it installs them all and I have to go through 3 plugin folders to delete the ones I don't have. You also have to be careful with Melda's installer.
Another offender here is Universal Audio. In UA's case at least, they do this in order to make it extremely easy to start two-week trials of the ones you don't own -- and, of course, end up buying them.
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