Waves Puigtec eqp-1a


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Watching Alan's WW class made me interested in this too and mainly what the plugin does what other plugins don't.

Found this: (I think you can recreate this with any tweakable saturation plugin, it just adds some harmonics to the sound.)



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Was researching this a bit more and it seems the main difference between the plugins and trying to emulate them with distortion is those emulations have more complicated behaviour to reflect the different treatment of different frequencies and input material that those hardware units have.

I demoed various Waves plugins and tried to match their harmonic content with Izotope Trash and Toneboosters' ReelBus 3 and 4. Kinda surprisingly PuigChild 670 compressor had the most interesting frequency spectrum, PuigTec EQs have those you cen see above (ReelBus 4 has one preset that made a nearly identical spectrum), but they have those wide eq bands that when you boost for example 60Hz the eq shelf goes to like 1kHz, and when you attenuate at 60Hz the dip is somewhere at 500Hz to 1KHz, heh.
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When demoing a Pultec-type EQ, be sure to always A/B test it with the free one available, the PTEq-x by Ignite Amps. You may (or may not) save some money.
Cool advice ! :thumbsup:

BTW ..... one trusted source speaks very highly of one perhaps not often cited ? .... Nomad Factory Pulse-Tec EQ. Pricey at full cost, but have seen promos much lower .... ;)