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For Sale Waves Mercury bundle, Kilohearts bundle, Synthmaster everything bundle


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Selling the following plugins and bundles:

Waves mercury: $850 (I pay license transfer and support plan upgrade)

Komplete 12: $300 SOLD

Kilohearts "The works" bundle - $200

(Note: Kilohearts redid their bundles, this is equivalent to the current "toolbox ultimate bundle" except Phase plant, Dynamics, Ensemble, Flanger and Nonlinear filter. My current upgrade price to the ultimate bundle is €114. Full list of licences: 3-Band EQ, Bitcrush, Carve EQ, Chorus, Comb Filter, Compressor, Delay, Disperser, Distortion, Faturator, Filter, Formant Filter, Frequency Shiter, Gain, Gate, Haas, Ladder Filter, Limiter, Multipass, Phase Distortion, Phaser, Pitch Shifter, Resonator, Reverb, Reverser, Ring Mod, Slice EQ, Snap Heap, Stereo, Tape Stop, Trance Gate, Transient Shaper, kHs One)

Synthmaster everything bundle: $100 (I pay transfer fee of 15$)
Don’t hesitate to ask any questions here or in DM. This is my first post here, let me know if there’s anything that can be done to verify the autenticity (through mods or another way).

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