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Hello everyone !

I would like to share with you what is part of the outcome of 5 years of volunteer production by approximatively 80 people :) I composed the soundtrack of the third and last instalment of Warren Flamel and the Curse of Immortality, a short fan-webseries in the Harry Potter universe, which was released this week-end.

I started writing the first notes of the score late 2017, but it actually picked up pace only a few months ago after the film production encountered numerous technical difficulties. Coming to the programming / mixing of the soundtrack three weeks before the deadline was challenging, but I'm glad I managed to end up with a product I'm satisfied of :)

This was an appealing project as well, neither I or the director were interested in merely imitating Williams' or Desplat's work for the official movies. So as I am a very leitmotiv-oriented composer anyways, I just had fun developping my own set of themes and variations, with a couple nods to Hedwige or Gaunt's Diary here and there ;)

As always, I'll be happy to hear any thought you might have about my work, whether it's about the music, the programming, the mixing or whatever. I hope you'll enjoy ! Cheers :dancer:

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