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WANTED- Music Composer for Nintendoish RPG that teaches Japanese


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EDIT: Please see my reply below. Once again, my apologies to everyone.

Hi everyone,

I am looking for a music composer for my Indie Game called "Nihongo Quest."

The game is the first in a series of RPGs that will teach the player how to understand Japanese.

I have interested some preliminary screenshots from the game below to give you an idea, but my biggest influences for the game have largely been Nintendo games, so I am hoping to have someone that can compose in that sort of style.

The game is actually quite an ambitious project, so I will need quite a bit of music to accompany the game. I probably need a 30 second- 1 minute song for each of the following:

1 Main theme
~23 town themes
~23 path/route themes
~4 battle themes
~5 character/villain themes
1 Dungeon Theme
1 Racing Mini Game theme

I might be forgetting a few, but in total I believe it should come out to ~60 songs.

As this is a budget indie game, compensation will be approximately $3000-4000. That means that it will probably come out to somewhere around $50-$100 per minute of music. Additionally, I would also be open to selling the soundtrack as a DLC/extra to the game and figuring out some sort of revenue share to get you additional profit. If you are really interested in the game but would need to negotiate the compensation, please let me know privately.

We are aiming for a release of this game during Q1 of next year, so I would be hoping to have all of the work done between now and the end of the year. Ideally, we would have 5-10ish songs done in the next month or so and then 1-2 songs per week until the end of the year so that the songs are developed along with the game.

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I'd be interested in talking to you about this project.
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