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Wanted: Composer for Ace Attorney inspired visual novel


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tl;dr version
-Songs are fairly gamey rather than ambient/orchestral: If you've never done video game music, this probably isn't the job for you.
-Budget for kickstarter demo songs is pretty garbage ($100/minute), but if we make it, we can raise this for the full OST
-We'll need songs off and on over a long timespan, but deadlines are pretty non-existent aside from the first few songs

Full version

Heya, we're making a visual novel of the courtroom drama variety. If you're unfamiliar with this genre, some of the more famous series are Ace Attorney and Danganronpa, and there've been some indie games such as Aviary Attorney. Our particular game is more heavily inspired by Ace Attorney. We're still in the early development stages, so we won't have any game footage to play off of and it might be long spaces of time before we need individual tracks; however, as the game is something of an Ace Attorney parody, a good test footage will be playing your tracks right over some muted let's plays of the game.

We'll need a few generic Visual novel type songs that don't have any relation to Ace Attorney, but in particular, we will need some tracks that are very close Ace Attorney's "cross-examination" pieces for the demo. Namely the songs at the following timestamps of the OST on youtube:


Note: while that games' instruments are oldschool Nintendo DS style, we're open to seeing what you can come open with. However the general theme of the songs should closely model the originals here (e.g. the song at 11:34 is basically a rapid, short, repeated background with an upbeat melody with much slower notes).


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Hello and thanks for coming here to reach out.

would loveto talk more about the visual media project, sounds very cool.


thanks and best of luck,



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Hey, got a fair amount of pms. I will look over all of the portfolios before following up and was going to leave this up for a bit to give people a chance to take a look. So it might be a day or two before I get to repying.

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