Want to try my hand at selling my homegrown samples / VI’s... advice?


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I posted here a few years ago looking for advice before I started composing for a producer in the LA area, and got a lot of great feedback (thanks especially to JohnG!). Great, helpful community here!

That’s been going well enough for me... definitely can’t live off of it yet :) but I’ve made some $, and got some credits.

One thing I’ve been asked to do more and more recently is to specifically work on sound design. I personally love that aspect of anything I’ve been working on, and happily take on those requests.

I have a lot of fun “growing my own”, have been slowly building my own library of multisampled instruments, and using it to build VIs for myself (mostly with Falcon) to use in my writing. A pretty high % of the songs I’ve written that get bites are the songs I’ve written with my homegrown VIs.

Then just recently I thought - I really like doing this, and (at least some) people like the sounds I’m making. Could I sell my VIs? I have quite a few at this point, think I’m up to 26 or 27, lots of rare / antique stuff like a Ukelin, a Tiple, a characterfully rickety old gamelan, etc.

Really quickly afterward (maybe 5 seconds), I realized I know nothing about the business end of the VI business.

Are there any good resources available for this sort of knowledge? How do I start? The business aspect, I mean. How / where would I sell? What do I need to know in terms of drafting licensing agreements, etc? Advertising?

Any help / advice anyone can offer is very much appreciated!

Best, Tom


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- How/where would I sell
I created my own website to sell and use fastspring for the checkout process. I've also seen a website called Kontakthub, but I don't know about that personally.

- Licensing agreements etc?
I personally just looked around and grabbed some license agreements from other devs, took that and adjusted to my needs. If you want to go the custom route -> get a lawyer

- Advertising?
You can create a banner and advertise here, post here. hen there's also Goode Adwords etc.

That all said, I took my samples down currently until I have time to properly rework everything and have decided if I want to go further with sample library selling or not. You can't spread yourself too thin ;)


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OK so I've been building and selling VI's for over 10 years....

I wrote two white papers about VI development - focused mainly on Kontakt Libraries but they might be of general interest, they are referenced in this blog post:


The market for Falcon based products is very very likely to be much smaller than that for Kontakt Instruments, and def. smaller than the VST/AU plug-in market. So I'd imagine(but wow have I been wrong before..) you are not going to make a lot of sales of your Falcon instruments "as is".

Where to sell? Well I mention these potential sales volumes above as they may well influence the "build your own web shop" approach, sure get yourself a WordPress site with WooCommerce and away you go. But its a fair effort of time invested, and I think you might be better starting out with a distributor. Most distributors will want between 30%-50% of sales, so anything beyond that is a bit silly and you should ignore.

If you have Kontakt Instruments then the mentioned Kontakthub.com is a good starting point. If its your Falcon stuff, then you might want to consider their sister site www.sampleism.com.

License? Well that should be pretty easy to work out, but the bad news here is piracy, you should expect your unprotected product to get loaded to a pirate site after about 2-4 weeks of sales - and for your sales to fall away from there. There are solutions for this - we offer one for Kontakt - but none of them are "trivial"

Advertising? - Which I will re-title "Marketing". You will need to make demo audio (up on soundcloud) and walkthru videos (youTube). You will need to do a lot of facebook/twitter/forum posts to get any traction at all. We've tried advertising - and we cant really see the difference it makes - and none of it is "cheap". There is a LOT of effort required here....

Other stuff:
You will need some sort of DTP-created pdf manual.
You will need to create a whole bunch of presets/snapshots

---- Or you could find a VI developer who is willing to partner with you.