VST used in the Darksouls 3 music?


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Hey, I read that all of darksouls 3 music is from VST library. I read a few VST are used like 8dio requiem, someone used SCS to recreate the firelink theme.

I saw an interview of the composer Yuka Kitamura and there are a few VST in her kontakt library like Berlin Brass, LA Scoring strings and the factory selection.

Does anybody know or hear what other VST were used?
Guessing is ok too.


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In that interview there's also Samplemodeling brass and, if you look closely, 8dio's Requiem and Century Strings.

As a total guess for what it's worth, Eastwest stuff seems to be very common in Japanese video game music. I hear HWO, EWSO (mostly percussion/harp), Stormdrum, RA ect. at least somewhere in tons of soundtracks and Motoi Sakuraba has been known to use it before. The harp used in the credits music composed by Yuki Kitamura sounds like it comes from EWSO also. Might be a place to look.