VSL Synchron Strings I Announced (Nov. Release)


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Paul is once again doing a disservice to the legatos by playing them without dynamic crossfading IMO. Very hard to hear if there's much of an improvement to the VI Pro version. Looking forward to user demos and opinions!


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Well the player is a huge step forward in terms of working with the library. That is for sure. However, so far the problems with the legato remain as fas as I'm concerned. In fact, I don't get why they divided the legato into slurred and non-slurred. The slurred legato patch in Synchron has a way more pronounced, almost portamento-like, sound to it. You can't play a melody without it sounding weird. So, are the other legato types not fingered legato? If so, what are they? There is no pronounced slur in these as you'd expect. I have a feeling this is part of the mystery why the regular legatos do not sound the same as in other libraries.
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Thanks to VSL for finally releasing the Synchron Player for Synchron Strings 1 .

Now, I need to install a new SSD drive for this library, I will be running it on a dedicated Slave-PC, hosted via VE-Pro 6.

More files for this library will be added in the coming days, so it's going to take some additional time for the entire library to become downloadable. I look forward to see how I like it, and will also test the legato options and the rest of the articulations , it offers, and post some feedback once I have worked with it for a few days.

Meanwhile, I will be checking out the new tutorial videos posted of the new Synchron Strings 1 Player.



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Weren't there tight and loose release articulations in the vi samples to choose from?
Can't find them in the new library manual.


I'm a bit confused with the "minimal need to switch articulations" part, that I think it is definitely missing. With VI Pro 2 I'm in love with the remote app, and the matrix was perfect to switch between very different articulations with a simple click. Now, with the "dimensions' tree" you have to follow a SPECIFIC order of keyswitches to select the articulation you want.. and that also mean that a simple click/touch is no longer enough to select a certain articulation.
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