VSL Dimension Strings mix matched with Berlin Strings tree mic?


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Anyone have experience mixing VSL Dimension Strings to match the tree mic from Berlin Strings? What do you find works well?

I feel that most VSL dry libraries have a very tricky high frequency region that sounds a little piercing. but when I EQ that piercing feeling away (usually a dip around 2.5 - 4 khz), the overall sound of them gets blatantly muffled. I had never felt that there was a single resonant frequency to remove. It seems to me that it's many frequencies in that range, making it hard to remove. When using VSL libraries alone it's not such a big deal but when trying to match to other libraries it's always been a sore point for me.

Do others feel like they've had this problem too? Anyone who feels like it's not a problem - I'd be interested to hear how you usually match VSL to other libraries.

Markus Kohlprath

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With dimension strings what I did was experimenting with the different violins. The sound of each one is pretty different and by altering the volume of one or the other the sound gets more piercing or softer. And one of the best things for me to soften harshness in samples in general is the fabfilter multiband. It has two dedicated harshness control presets. Using these and adjusting to taste brings a lot of improvement without muffling the sound I find.