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VSL "Constellation" Bundles - Curated BBO Libraries - Over 35% Off


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New Big Bang Orchestra "Constellation" Bundles - Now through April 7, 2021!​

For a limited time grab a power pack of Big Bang Orchestra libraries at an incredible price! You have three bundle packs to choose from, each with its own unique focus: Essential Scoring Bundle, Power Brass Bundle, and Trailer FX Bundle. These special BBO Packs are only available March 1 through April 7, 2021 and ONLY from ILIO and North American Authorized Vienna Resellers. See below for details on each bundle:

BBO Essential Scoring Bundle - $469 (normally $728)​

The Essential Scoring Bundle dedicates itself to providing the essential sections of the orchestra in one convenient (and affordable!) package. Strings, Brass, Winds, and Percussion—What more do you need? This bundle includes seven Big Bang Orchestra packs:
  • BBO: Lyra — High Strings
  • BBO: Musca — Low Strings
  • BBO: Jupiter — Horns
  • BBO: Kopernikus — Trumpets
  • BBO: Hercules — Low Brass
  • BBO: Neptune — Tutti Woodwinds
  • BBO: Dorado — Percussion Ensembles

BBO Power Brass Bundle - $259 (normally $405)​

The Power Brass Bundle offers herculean sound in a surprisingly affordable package. These bold libraries are ultra rich in tone and provide girth to any recording — from epic cinematic pieces, to Strauss and Mahler-esque compositions, to experimental soundscapes. This bundle includes all four Big Bang Orchestra Brass packs:
  • BBO: Hercules — Low Brass
  • BBO: Izar — Low Brass Clusters
  • BBO: Jupiter — Horns
  • BBO: Kopernikus — Trumpets

BBO Trailer FX Bundle - $339 (normally $530)​

The Trailer FX Bundle should be on every film composers list. The four included BBO packs are chosen specifically for their ability to help create experimental soundscapes, low "braams", organic transitions, and flair. No film composer's sound library would be complete without dedicated libraries for orchestral FX! This bundle includes four Big Bang Orchestra packs:
  • BBO: Black Eye — Orchestra Phrases & FX
  • BBO: Izar — Low Brass Clusters
  • BBO: Regulus — FX Strings
  • BBO: Solaris — FX Woodwinds
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