VSCO Pro Library Update 2.6: Now for Kontakt Player!


Versilian Studios

Versilian Studios' Chamber Orchestra 2 Pro is back with Version 2.6!

  • NEW! Now made for the free Kontakt Player as well as the full Kontakt. As a licensed library, it will also appear in your libraries tab for increased workflow!
  • Over 90 unique instruments, all originally and faithfully recorded for this library, including everything from oboes to ophicleides!
  • 430+ individual .nki instruments containing a total of over 500 articulations.
  • 28 "Ensemble" patches provide instant and flexible orchestrations.
  • NEW! 160 Snapshots: whole-instrument presets that give you a whole new sonic landscape to work from!
  • Realistic repetitions with multisampling of 4x on all short articulations and 8x on most percussion.
  • Flexible multi-mic on most instruments- instead of one generic multi-mic setup, each instrument has a series of arrays that best suit the instrument with a standardized "main" array at the heart of everything for consistency.
  • 15.5 GB: over 61,800 audio files- much more detailed than a sketching library but light enough to fit on a flash drive!
  • $229 USD.
VSCO 2 Pro contains a massive collection of orchestral, ethnic, and historical instruments including strings, woodwinds, brass, percussion, and keys. Up to four distinct players are available for each instrument, each bringing a unique performance style and instrument timbre to the table.

A full list of all the articulations and instruments included can be found in the manual starting on page 35.

You can hear and see all the instruments played live one-by-one in the following Youtube playlist-

New Snapshots
We've added 160 snapshots to the library encompassing 36 of the 90 instruments, covering everything from electric trombones to Golden Age Hollywood horns! Take a listen as library designer Simon Autenrieth plays through many of the new snapshots live below-

Additional Audio Demos
These demo pieces were created using VSCO 2 only!
The full demo playlist is available here.