Voyage to the Depths


George Streicher
Hi all!

I'm working on a short 1 minute piece to record with a small ensemble this coming month. Trying something a little darker and in the vein of a kind of "mysterious, Jules Verne" adventure score. Kind of feels like the end credits to an old TV show.

I'd love to hear any critiques / suggestions for the piece and the attached .PDF score! As usual, I will save all my versions and keep them posted here as the piece progresses.


Score PDFs

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I like it. I could suggest that you break up the regular meter/tempo a bit ... have it hang back or surge forward just a smidge here and there, for dramatic purposes.


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Got me listening a second time.
There are sections where the 'lift of the tides' should be accentuated with dynamic flow.
And the main theme would respond to more vigour as it alternates between brass/strings.
I like the crescendo towards the end, and the former sections would surely benefit from something similar to this - giving the waves some power and force.

A really nice basis on which to build. Thank you for sharing this with us.