VM1 Beta App Store Link?


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So I see with the new VEPro7 there is an iPad called VM1. And the pdf document it says you can download the app from the App Store, but I can't seem to find it. Can anyone else see it? Or have a link to it. Would like like to try how well it integrates with VEP and using in Logic.


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It is available to VEpro beta testers via TestFlight. As soon as it’s out of beta, it will certainly be on the App Store.


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To get access to the free beta version of VM1, please follow these steps:

1. Send a quick email requesting the VM1 beta to [email protected] – you will receive an email invitation asap.

2. Get the app “Testflight” from the Apple AppStore (it’s free).

3. From your mobile device, access the TestFlight email invitation from Apple (make sure it didn’t go to spam). It will say “10753530 Canada Inc has invited you to test VM1”. Fear not, that is Montreal Music Lab’s app store name until Apple finishes up the paperwork with the Canadian government. Click on “View in TestFlight” and it should open up TestFlight and give you the option to install VM1.

4. Install the latest version of Vienna Ensemble Pro 7 (download here). The VM1 Helper App must be selected manually in the installation process to be installed. Go to the Applications folder, open the Montreal Music Labs folder and double click on the VM1 Helper application. It will open immediately and you will notice an icon in the menu bar. In that menu you can set it to automatically start with the system and you can quit if desired.

5. You only need the VM1 Helper app running on your master computer.

6. Explore the VM1 app on your iPad.

Hi, I wanted to give VM1 a try, but in first place it doesn't appear on my MacBook. I downloaded and reinstalled VEP 7 and it doesn't propose me to install the file. Has it been stopped?