Vinny & Moose (Home Alone-parody I was asked to score)


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I was asked to score a Christmas episode for the Norwegian comedy group Kongen & Banditten. The story is about two mobsters who want to earn their familys respect, but always ends up doing the wrong things. In this episode, they need to deliver a christmas present to a nephew. But the nephew has seen Home Alone one time to much.

They wanted the music to be similar to the original Home Alone, and also use the theme for Kongen & Banditten. So I ended up writing a Christmas theme and a more mysterious theme, similar to John Williams music. I used mainly CSS, BWW, Berlin Brass, Cineperc and Voxos.

This is my first attempt to write orchestral music to picture. Hope you like it. Please feel free to give my any feedback on things I could improve on.