Vince DiCola Solo Piano


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For fans of dynamic solo piano, this great album has just been remastered and re-released. I bought the original release on Vinyl around 1986, and it helped shape me as a pianist and composer. A refreshing departure from all the muted/felt piano stuff around at the moment.

Some tracks have sample excerpts which can be downloaded. Buying the CD album also gets you the remastered 24bit 48kHz WAV files to download:



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He adds Classical nuances to his own style that are definitely Chopin influenced.

Good stuff.

I couldn’t help but notice the sfz sus 4 licks in Adventures of the Heart sounded quantized?

He did the licks perfectly but there were a couple that reminded me of what my Piano solos sounded like when I quantized. 16ths chopped into 8ths.
Only quantizer around at that time was Opcode and the Yamaha QX-1.



Pianist, Composer & Arranger
Glad you enjoyed checking it out. Vince can certainly play, and I really like his compositional ideas.

I've seen video of him playing and he is extremely accurate in technique, in a similar way to Jordan Rudess. Not sure about the ability to quantize acoustic piano back in 1986!