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This March, we’re reducing the prices of over 200 VI Library products (Bundles, Collections, Single Instruments) by a substantial amount, so you can save up to 52% here!

If you want to get one of our SYNCHRON-ized instruments or you wait for a specific instrument, this deal will provide you low prices for these beautiful instruments and you can profit from awesome crossgrade prices!

Now it's finally available: Vienna Instruments PRO 2 Retina/HiDPI. Enjoy this great player in higher definition! Download and install the latest version from the MyVSL Section.

It doesn't stop here: To celebrate this we have split up the three licenses package of VI Pro 2, so you can get your VI PRO 2 license now for just 55€ !
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anyone have suggestions on which of these "hero" VI instruments you use the most / are the most unique?


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I like the Special Editions. They are low RAM and really great for laptops. And still sound good.

I'm going to Synchron-ize the ones I have. Question though, when I get the Synchron version, I don't lose the regular version, do I? I know the regular version works on my laptop. My desktop doesn't really care as much. ( more RAM)

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Thanks for the information!
@Ben, may I ask your thoughts about my thread about VI buying choices please? :)
Thank you!
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My colleague Paul recaptures the story of our software and instruments:

Just 3 days left, so go get/complete your VI collection!