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Video Slave (now Video Sync) Audio Monitoring - how?

Karsten Laser

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Hello fellow composers,
I recently changed my workflow from having the video in my Cubase sessions to using Non Lethal Applications Video Sync 5.
I run VideoSync on a separate MacMini, synced via MTC.
At first: Video Slave is awesome and works very well and stable, but I struggle with the following
and appreciate your thoughts and experience on this:

At the moment the analog out from the MacMini is connected to my UAD Apollo and I monitor the audio
without latency through the UAD console. As I often have or want to deliver the picture with my music and the dialougue
I routed the audio from the Mac mini into Cubase for listening and printing the music with the dialogue.
BUT: Then the input latency is added to the dialogue :(
I doubt that sending the audio via ADTA from the Mac mini to my Mac Pro solves this?
Of course I could print only the music from Cubase, import into video slave and then mix it with the dialogue, BUT:
I sometimes need to adjust // write automation the dialgue as it is the original production sound with extreme volume changes etc.
I know that @charlieclouser ( if you read this: HAMMERS is AWESOME, thanks for that wonderful library)
who only delivers music to the editor also monitors the audio externally from a previous thread,
but maybe someone has figured out how to route the audio from video Slave into Cubase or any other DAW without adding latency?

For any thought on this my thanks in advance and kind regards from Germany, Karsten


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If I do record the audio coming from my VideoSync Mac Mini into my DAW, it is lined up correctly - just as a live guitar track or other external audio would be.

So something is strange. Why would the audio from your VideoSync machine be recorded in a different alignment than what you're hearing through UAD console?

If you record a live synth or guitar or something, is that audio placed on the Cubase grid in the correct position?

(glad you like Hammers!)
Karsten Laser

Karsten Laser

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Hi Charlie, BIG THANKS for chiming in - highly appreciated!
When I record the audio, of course it is aligned perfectly in Cubase.
I'd like to monitor the audio in realtime without recording it.
But the more I think about that option now (recording dialogue, fx and temp music into Cubase ),
the more sense it does make.

Do you always record the VideoSync audio into your logic session or do monitor it externally?

The sound of all the instruments in Hammer is just incredible (my faves are the kicks and toms) and it is so user friendly with the group of six mapping. Didn't buy a library for a while, but yours is a great addition.

Thanks again and best, Karsten
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