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Video: My thoughts on Westworld and my approach to the scene.


We really didn't deserve such a great walkthrough of your piece, David, but thanks! I still can't get that theme out of my head. Perfectly planned and executed.

I recognise most of your sample libraries in the video, but I'm definitely interested in more vidoes from you. And please tell us... What Westworld prop did you win?


That was a great breakdown! As a student at M.I. for composition, I always love to see how someone else approaches a scene and how they go about scoring it. It's really awesome to see your process of how you analyze and approach a scene with a real example too. Our teachers never show us any real examples of a scene they have scored(so far) and walk us through the process, I'm sure there are legal reasons for it possibly but it would be so much more helpful if they did I would think.

I also would definitely be interested in a video about what sample libraries were used!


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@David Kudell Great video and just highlights the creative nature of your approach. As a VI newbie geek a video of your sample library choice would be great.


Well done on your humble approach to all the responses from the internet both positive and negative. :thumbsup:

Its clear from all the great music producers, mixers and engineers , session guys and composers I watch on YouTube and socials is that no one wants to work with a dick so don’t be one...Humility is key to success, both on a personal and professional level something we should all be mindful of. :geek:

Congratulations again.


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Great video! It made me appreciate the level of thought that went into your composition. I have to admit that it was a more complex process than I had envisioned, and I learned a lot from your insights and clear explanations. Congratulations on the win!

And as you ask at the end of the video - yes, an another video highlighting the libraries and details of your track would be welcomed!

Bruno Marques

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Great video, David. Thanks for sharing all those infos with us. And yes, I would love a video about the libraries used in this project. Congrats !
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