[VIDEO] CPU Performance vs. Real-Time Performance in Your DAW


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Perhaps of interest to the folks here - I've found that the difference between real-time performance and CPU performance is one of the most-misunderstood elements of DAW performance. I've discussed it a bunch of times with a bunch of folks here and elsewhere, so I thought I'd put a video together to explain the difference so I can save myself some time the next time it comes up :)

Hopefully you'll find some useful info in this video.



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This is a great video - there should be a thread where videos like this can be collected. Thanks for taking the time to do this Richard!


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Thanks for the kinds words - I love doing these sorts of things. I just can't seem to find the time - the last one was over a year ago...


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Excellent video - thanks Richard!
This is very relevant to me at present. About to be building a new X99 system with a i7 5820K cpu.
I by no means am assuming that things are going to be great simply because that's a good chip.
Trouble is, I'm having real difficulty finding out in advance what components are likely to cause problems. I'm at the 'what motherboard' stage at the moment, and I'm vigorously stumped! I guess I just need to find other people with X99 systems using East West Hollywood Orchestra in Cubase and then ask what components they've found work nicely.
Thanks again for the video!


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Great video! Why don't those latency checkers work on windows 8?
Edit: never mind! I just checked their web site. Hint for windows 8 users: LatencyMon does already work with windows 8, as far as I can tell.
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I miss my preemptable kernel every time I boot into Windows. Booting out of Linux into Windows feels like going back to the dark ages. Now if only Linux had the software ...

Thanks for the video, Richard. :)


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Thanks so much Richard. A class act all the way.

The Thonex test comes to mind ... those were the times :)
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