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VI designers: What makes or breaks third-party demos?


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Hi there,

IIUC, there are certain VI designers /companies who will take uncomissioned audio demos from aspiring composers and, if the demos are good enough, share them on the company's SoundCloud, somewhere on the product page. At least, that's how I'm guessing that happens. I'm not at all a professional composer.

My question--one which would likely elicit various responses--to whichever VI designers it interests is as follows: What qualities are you looking for in product demos? What are you not looking for?

Please, orate / rant. I'm sure much of it comes down to personal taste as for what to do. Besides obvious turn-offs (instrument buried in the mix, instrument FX'd beyond recognition, instrument totally absent), I want to know what things to avoid.

I hugely appreciate any responses.

Cheers. :)


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Ok well this seems to have been missed by my fellow VI developers, so here goes....

Yes you need to *feature* the VI itself; it's gotta be the leading instrument, and I mean really leading - right out front. It really helps if you can show the instruments range too - either different articulations, note range, special one of a kind arpeggiation machine etc. etc.

Of course your work will need to be pretty polished - but you'd be surprised how open we are to this sort of submission - in fact one such submission to a company I worked with led to a paid gig for the individual. Have at it!
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