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VI-Control appreciation


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This is one of the kindest most accepting forums I have ever been a part of, full of lovely people. The comparison is very stark if you dip your toe into other music forums. Here most of the time we consider what we say and apologise if what we said came across different to what we intended.


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I am here every single day or more than one year. This forum is great.

A lot of professionals giving great advice.
A lot of funny and constructive talks.
Best place to keep updated about how the industry of VI-C for orchestra are moving.
Best place to share the culpability with the GAS. (And get more GAS)
The only place in the world where I can fond info about N (Even I got a great introductory discount)

Happy to belong to this community and share my journey trying to make some nice music.


+1. Is there some sort of Patreon or other donation avenue to share this appreciation to keep the site up? Or is add space revenue suffice. Thankful for the mods and community here too. (Kinda interesting reading the history of how this site came to be and the member driven projects of past).


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Caught this train in 2017 and what I've absorbed in three years couldn't have been acquired anywhere else. People who have worked on major films actually tolerate my questions and ramblings. We all have different opinions on everything from gear to favorite composer but it's ALL great info. AND keeps you from making some monetary mistakes.

For instance, this forum just saved me $2600 because I was about to buy Genelecs because I thought the iLoud MTMs were never going to sound as amazing as others have stated. Then someone throws out Sonarworks as a suggestion, and now my monitors sound... awesome as ever, just posted results yesterday.

Been a longtime guitarist and piano player (NOT a pianist, I'm not that good) but as a newer-ish MIDI orchestration maniac, this site is off-the-chart valuable.


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Hey there AudioLoco,
wish you lot of great experience from taking part of our truly amazing community :)
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